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What about a Confetti Bar? What is a Confetti Bar?

ImageBubbles?  Dove Release? Can’t do rice or birdseed anymore. A confetti bar is a unique idea to let out your guests’ creative side, and give them a variety of different things to shower you with. You can have different paper products that are biodegradable and good for the environment. Have some fun colors, a variety of shapes.

Wedding Photo Booths – something a bit different on your wedding day

Photos are a big part of any wedding, and when looking at most aspects of your wedding they are something that you bear in mind, be it which area of the venue to take photos in, which make up will make sure that you look your best in a photo, and so on.  Most of these photos are formal or at least posed, and so to get a more informal feel many people are including disposable cameras as table decorations to get the guests involved in the photos.

A new option that is now available is a photo booth at your wedding.  These are available at a lot of places that provide wedding equipment rental, and are another fun way of getting more informal photos.  These wedding photo booths aren’t like the ones you might see at a train station, they are clean and classy pieces of equipment that can fit into most venues, and have banners on to match the color of your wedding.  This can be a fun addition to your wedding day, with your guests all getting the chance to get a keepsake from the big day as well as some fun additions to your own wedding album.  For more information on photo booths visit our website.


Are Cake Pops Really that Popular?


Big City Pops

One of things guests really do enjoy is food and drink but if you were to ask guests what their favorite thing is…they most likely say C.A.K.E

Cake is good, cake is fun, cake is sweet…Who doesn’t like cake.

In the past year or so people have opted to move away from the traditional cake, they went to cupcakes then dessert stations now it’s Cake Pop. Most cake bakeries can do this for you as the benefit can out way the negatives.

Why cake pops? It’s new(er). It’s chic but it also allows you to have many different types and flavors of cakes. Some would say it’s cheaper than a traditional cake but if you get a good bakery it’s probably the same cost.

Will cake pops replace the traditional cake: Probably not and it will not ever replace the art that top cake designers make. If you question that, check out our friends at are not just cakes but works of art. If you ever have a chance to make it down to their bakery, do. It’s like a art museum. Plus you can get a cookie or sandwich while your there. YUM!  Oh and by the way, a little tidbit of info about Christopher Garrens Cakes, he never designs the same cake twice.  Talk about a one of a kind wedding cake.

We weren’t talking about Christopher Garrens cakes but you can’t talk cake and not mention his work.

Back to cake pops.  Are you sold? Do you want something that most of your friends have never had at a wedding?  The debate will continue: Traditional or Cake Pops?


Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

After your wedding day, you might get struck with the post-wedding blues. This common phenomenon is the mild depression felt as the big event is over, family and friends go home, and you’re left with lots of free time.


The best way to beat the post-wedding blues is to prevent them. As you plan your wedding, also plan some post-wedding events and activities to look forward to. Date nights as a married couple, dinner parties with friends, and a new hobby are all great options.

If you haven’t done anything to prevent the post-wedding blues, or you’re still feeling a bit low, consider looking for a support group. There are plenty locally for newlywed brides still feeling a bit down. These can be a great way to meet new people, too.

Of course, don’t let the fear of post-wedding blues put you off having a fabulous wedding day. Choosing an excellent DJ and photo booth can give you plenty of great memories of your amazing wedding day. To find out what we can bring to your Orange County wedding, get in touch today!



Halle Berry’s French Wedding

Last weekend Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were married in a small ceremony in the Burgundy region of his native France. The pair married at a village church and had a reception at the Chateau de Vallery.


While there has been a lot of speculation about what Halle wore, all we know so far is that her dress featured deep plunging backline. The 46-year-old X-Men star is heavily pregnant, so her gown certainly would have been designed to look great on her baby bump.

The couple celebrated their nuptials with 60 guests over two days at the Chateau. Along with a dinner and wedding cake, Olivier and Halle treated their guests to a unique fireworks display of water, fire, and snow.

Halle and Olivier have joined a string of celebrities who have chosen France for their weddings this year. Of course, if you don’t want to travel to France for your wedding, it is possible to bring the French feel to your Orange County wedding day. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch today!

Can Your Guests Hear You Say I Do?

It’s one of the most important moments of your life. It’s easily the most important moment of your wedding ceremony. But when you say “I do” will your guests be able to hear it?


Whether you’re writing your own special vows or going with traditional vows, your guests want to hear them. They’ve traveled to your wedding to share this very special day with you, and to be there as witnesses for the ceremony.

This is why having a PA system can be a great addition to your wedding day. Discreet cordless lapel microphones can make sure that your guests can hear every emotional word of your ceremony. Your ceremony musicians can also be given microphone coverage so that the beautiful music they add to your day is heard as it’s meant to be.

Having a ceremony PA system and microphones is also important if you’re having your ceremony videoed, either professionally or by a guest. To find out how we can help you make sure that your guests will hear all the important moments of your Orange County wedding day, give us a call!


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