Meet the Team Monday


It’s #MeetOurTeamMonday! We wanted to let you get to know the people behind Honored Occasions!
It’s time for you to meet one of our DJ’s! This is Angela, she’s from Reno, NV and loves surfing, skateboarding, dancing, and spending time with her chihuahua Rexington and her husky mix Bugatti! We asked her what her favorite DJ moment was, and she told us: “During dinner a 5 year old girl came out to the dance floor with her dad and started dancing (she was the only child at the wedding) I put on “Let it Go” from Frozen and she belted out the whole thing while the entire room cheered her on it was adorable and it made her night!” #MeetUsMonday #weddingDJ #ocweddings #laweddings


Wedding Planning Explained: A Guys Perspective

This isn’t just for the guys….but it was written by a guy about weddings.

One of our good friends and friendly DJ competitor Geoff Maddox with has written a new audio book for guys who are getting married.

It will simplify the wedding process and is chalk full of good advice for guys and gals.

This isn’t a typical planning guide so if you have already read all the books and planning guides give this a shot. I am confident you’ll be educated and entertained.

You can check out the website and purchase the audio book

Of course, we are not being compensated for this blog post (have to make that clear) we just like Geoff and think his audio book is a something new and unique. Now don’t go and fall in love with him and NOT call us :) 



Laguna Cliffs Marriott Wedding

This was one of our favorite weddings and wedding photographers Frank Salas at a wedding we did some time back.  Beautiful couple and a gorgeous setting made it for an amazing wedding day. Image




Recent Wedding at Surf and Sand Resort

Elegant uplighting, lavender leaf pattern on the dance floor and fun wedding celebration

What about a Confetti Bar? What is a Confetti Bar?

ImageBubbles?  Dove Release? Can’t do rice or birdseed anymore. A confetti bar is a unique idea to let out your guests’ creative side, and give them a variety of different things to shower you with. You can have different paper products that are biodegradable and good for the environment. Have some fun colors, a variety of shapes.

Wedding Photo Booths – something a bit different on your wedding day

Photos are a big part of any wedding, and when looking at most aspects of your wedding they are something that you bear in mind, be it which area of the venue to take photos in, which make up will make sure that you look your best in a photo, and so on.  Most of these photos are formal or at least posed, and so to get a more informal feel many people are including disposable cameras as table decorations to get the guests involved in the photos.

A new option that is now available is a photo booth at your wedding.  These are available at a lot of places that provide wedding equipment rental, and are another fun way of getting more informal photos.  These wedding photo booths aren’t like the ones you might see at a train station, they are clean and classy pieces of equipment that can fit into most venues, and have banners on to match the color of your wedding.  This can be a fun addition to your wedding day, with your guests all getting the chance to get a keepsake from the big day as well as some fun additions to your own wedding album.  For more information on photo booths visit our website.


Are Cake Pops Really that Popular?


Big City Pops

One of things guests really do enjoy is food and drink but if you were to ask guests what their favorite thing is…they most likely say C.A.K.E

Cake is good, cake is fun, cake is sweet…Who doesn’t like cake.

In the past year or so people have opted to move away from the traditional cake, they went to cupcakes then dessert stations now it’s Cake Pop. Most cake bakeries can do this for you as the benefit can out way the negatives.

Why cake pops? It’s new(er). It’s chic but it also allows you to have many different types and flavors of cakes. Some would say it’s cheaper than a traditional cake but if you get a good bakery it’s probably the same cost.

Will cake pops replace the traditional cake: Probably not and it will not ever replace the art that top cake designers make. If you question that, check out our friends at are not just cakes but works of art. If you ever have a chance to make it down to their bakery, do. It’s like a art museum. Plus you can get a cookie or sandwich while your there. YUM!  Oh and by the way, a little tidbit of info about Christopher Garrens Cakes, he never designs the same cake twice.  Talk about a one of a kind wedding cake.

We weren’t talking about Christopher Garrens cakes but you can’t talk cake and not mention his work.

Back to cake pops.  Are you sold? Do you want something that most of your friends have never had at a wedding?  The debate will continue: Traditional or Cake Pops?



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